Understanding these harmful agents and skin lesions will help prevent rapid progress made women faster aged. Aging skin is a problem that everyone faces when increasing age. Although skin changes over time, knowing the causes of aging will help you have a suitable skin care.

The reasons that the women faster aged


The ultraviolet (UV) from the sun causes skin pigmentation, collagen breaks in the skin causing wrinkles and even skin cancer. Therefore, the more exposure to the sun more, potentially increasing damage to the skin. To minimize the risk of rapid aging and prevent skin cancer, dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen containing SPF 30 every day, regardless of sun or shade.

Environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is the cause of harm to the 2nd skin after sun exposure. Dust, exhaust fumes and toxic chemicals in the city causing environmental pollution, leading to turbidity, bacteria attack and subcutaneous reside more easily, causing skin to lose vitality, copper accelerate the process of aging.


Due to the busy daily work, many people often overlook about eating. Eating for cursory or hurried with fast food dishes contain too much fat, lack of vegetables, nutrition is not guaranteed. This habit not only adversely affecting the skin, but also harmful to health, easy to obesity and overweight.

Pressure, stress

Work pressure, often fall into stress, stress leads to insomnia is the cause of wrinkles and stimulate the growth of skin aging process, besides weakening the division energy, which the body is always in a state of fatigue, boredom.

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Abuse cosmetics

Many women have the habit of regular makeup to cover up flaws do face pretty bad. However, if abuse cosmetics makeup in a long time, does not cleanse and proper care and use of poor-quality cosmetics make the skin become less pigmented, fades away the support essential. Therefore, if the skin does not improve promptly vulnerable, wrinkles, aging skin to age earlier than.

Solutions to prevent skin aging process

Besides these external factors, beginning at age 30, women’s skin began to appear signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, facial grooves etched make visible aging, down sharp. If not treated promptly with aging skin will grow rapidly.

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Aging skin is the obsession of many women 30 years of age

To cope with premature skin aging, aesthetic modern technology developed methods of skin rejuvenation without surgery. Technology facelifts only stimulate collagen production while putting thread directly into the epidermis, regenerating aging skin, lesions, and increase microcirculation, increase blood flow nourishing ruddy, rejuvenate back. In addition, the pressure of the thread also help improve efficiency engines, V-shaped face slim line, dispel the stretch marks, loose flabby in middle-aged people.