Travel zoo “locked” to predators strapless travelers

Travel zoo

Ledu Lehe Zoo in the city of Chongqing, China is becoming a travel zoo “hot” in the world when touring venture not everyone dares to try.

Come to the zoo, visitors will be locked up in a metal cage to be locked and put on a big truck. This car will take them sightseeing around the zoo and stopped at some point to let the beasts eat.

travel zoo

This is a special form of tours to help visitors can come into contact with wild animals in the closest distance and brings the most true sense when predators attack.


Travel zoo
Guests will feel like I’m becoming prey to the wild beasts hunt


Travelling zoo
Standing inside the cage, visitors will use their bare hands to provide food for lions or bears


Travalling zoo
The chickens live is food for lions, Bengal tigers, white tigers and bears
Travel zoo
The gap between man and beast is only separated by a layer of chicken wire several centimeters

Talking about safe levels of this form of sightseeing, Chan Liang – an employee of the zoo Ledu Lehe said: “We want visitors to undergo uncomfortable and feeling horrible when stares and fin Surrounded by these organisms can harm yourself anytime. But so far, there are no unfortunate accident occurred. Before the visit, the zoo staff will remind visitors to be especially careful when eating because the hungry animals, these animals will not distinguish between food, what where your finger. ”

Form of special interests has just appeared in China in 2015 and is a tourist attraction around the world. Zoo “backwards” as Lehe Ledu help people get a chance to learn rare animals without hurting them, which can conserve endangered animals. This is seen as a new initiative, the situation and for the future of science.