Tourism colorful cities in the world


Pachuca of Mexico or South Africa’s Cape Town are the place make your tourism more poetic part by buildings painted in blue, red, purple, yellow.

Colours make life more interesting our and inspiration in this world. Living in a city full of magical colors will bring you something?

Tourism Havana-Cuba
Havana-Cuba: These colorful blocks close together at Capitol Square.
Buenos Aires-Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Residential area of La Boca is famous for its location houses polychrome located along Caminito street.
Tourism Valparaiso, Chile: As the center of culture and street art, Valparaiso is also known under the name “jewel of the Pacific”, with the brilliant building colorful green, yellow, red, white .. .
Pachuca, Mexico: The neighborhood of Las Palmitas hilltop in Pachuca has undergone a process of color change when the government and the collective of graffiti artists work together to paint the whole house.
Guanajuato, Mexico: To be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Guanajuato is a populated place, the buildings are close together and each home is painted highlights.
Vernazza, Italy: The building is located immediately adjacent shoreline covered with bright colors made more prominent Vernazza and made an impression with guests.
Jodhpur, India: Also known as “the green city”, the green house in the ancient city of Jodhpur was originally painted by the priest of Brahmanism in the belief that this color will bring good cold. The people then continue to paint blue to create cool in hot weather
Cape Town-South Africa
Tourism Cape Town, South Africa: Bo-Kaap is a multicultural neighborhood of Cape Town. This used to be known as the Malay Quarter call. The Bo-Kaap homes are painted in cheerful colors, brilliant as white, pink, yellow, green.
Copenhagen, Denmark: Nyhavn pier in Copenhagen, Denmark shimmering dotted over by a series of brightly colored buildings.