The top Happiest Jobs in the World

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What makes you happy jobs? Everyone has different answers to this question, but how many of us can honestly say it’s work that brings a smile…

1. Engineer jobs

Computer Network

Out of all the jobs in the world, engineers have the happiest. Why is that? There are a couple good reasons why engineers love their jobs so much.

As with some of the other happiest jobs, engineers enjoy the challenge of coming up with solutions to difficult problems. Their industries vary — from working on luxury cars to buildings sports stadiums — but similar to scientists, they can experiment a lot with their ideas. Like gardeners, engineers see their work in action once it’s completed. To top it all off, engineers earn a decent salary for doing something they love. Plus, the jobs are in high demand.

All those factors together make engineering one of the best — or at least one of the happiest — fields to get into.

However, if you’re not an engineer, there are plenty of other jobs on this list that can suit your happiness fancy — or at least give you an idea of a profession that might. So, get out there and go find your happy workplace. You’ll be glad you did when you wake up excited to go to work each day.

2. Hairdresser/Barber

When you have a good hairdresser or barber, going in for a haircut is a lot of fun. The conversation is good. The environment is friendly, and you can leave all your outside problems at the door. The reason for all this, as surveys show, is that these professionals are incredibly happy with their work.


It’s not too hard to see why. The best in the business build great relationships and get to catch up with friends throughout the day while making some money. Like gardeners, barbers and hairdressers can see the fruits of their labor when they’ve done their job right. All in all, it’s not a bad gig.

3. Teacher

Look back to how awful you were as kid. It’s a miracle your best teachers were able to handle about 20 similarly annoying children (no offense). Not only do the best teachers tolerate their students, but they actually love working with them. For that alone, teachers are modern-day saints that get a lot of credit for their work.


Out of all the professions, few are a labor of love like teaching is. The pay starts off low. The hours are incredibly long, and the administrative red tape is a nightmare. Despite all that, teaching is one of the happiest professions on the planet. It truly is a calling.