The only difference between the rich and the poor in the eyes of Steve Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Like other rich people, Steve Jobs believes that this life is very flexible and we can create wealth through the things that other people can use.

The rich people think differently than others, and Steve Jobs , Apple’s co-founder, who left with a total asset value amounted to US $ 10.2 billion is not out of this exception.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs

In a thread on Quora discussed with the question: “Billionaire know something that ordinary people do not know?”. Patrick Methieson He cited a saying of Jobs accurately describes the difference in the minds of those billionaires:

” Everything around you that you call life is created by those who are not smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your things that people others may use “.

That’s what all wealthy people tend to self-created. Methieson, a venture capitalist, who worked with billionaire explained: “Billionaire realize the world is very flexible. With enough pressure put on an effort, people afford really can change the world. In contrast, the rest of us would like to think the world is static and predefined “.

A self-made millionaire yourself, Steve Siebold, who has interviewed more than 1,200 people world’s richest later wrote the book “Rich people think” also share this view. The rich and the psychological action that persons handling the problem. He wrote: “While most of us waiting to be selected at a lucky number and ask yourself wealthy, the great ones are solving the problem”.

This does not mean that they are smarter than the average person, like what Jobs said, “they just better stop strategy.” Siebold explained: “When rich people need money, they wondered whether there might not, they simply began to generate new ideas to deal with the problem” And “the more you solve the problem the greater the larger the amount you earn on until then, “he adds.

Finally, to become rich in the work. Siebold writes: “Let’s set the record out immediately for all things: Anyone can become wealthy. It is not related to your educational background or you come from. It is not something you do to ensure wealth, it is the people you “.