Special restaurants in the world who also want to experience

Clifton cafeteria

Enjoy a special meal at the restaurant bizarre will bring you an unforgettable experience.

1. Underwater restaurant Ithaa, Maldives

Underwater restaurant Ithaa, Maldives

Do you want to enjoy a meal under the ocean? This restaurant is the first country in the world, was designed under the Indian Ocean between a lagoon 49m and reefs. With glass dome surrounded to customers can unleash see sea creatures swimming in front while enjoying dinner sweet.

However, the restaurant can seat only 14 people so book in advance to have any chance to enjoy the special here.

2. Restaurants nest Yellow, New Zealand

With designers such as bird cages hanging from a tree, Yellow restaurant attracts curiosity and stimulate feelings of many people.

Restaurants nest Yellow, New Zealand

Customers will enjoy a romantic dinner on the tree and watched the whole scene of majestic forests. This restaurant will be a great choice for those who love bold experiments.

3. Restaurants S Baggers

Restaurants S Baggers

This restaurant has no attendant side, the food will be shipped to customers by chain system like a roller-coaster.

4. Please do not say anything!

Please do not say anything!

Listen to the strange names you’ve seen already? “Please do not say anything!” Is the name of a pub designed in classic style. The only entrance to the pub is the old phone booth outside the door, want to be inside you have to solve puzzles by telephone. Even some people can not stand the pub on this because it can not solve the puzzle.

5. Moto


The restaurant’s menu is freeze-dried foods, frozen foods have been

6. Ice Village LainioIce Village Lainio

This restaurant is extremely popular in Finland. The special thing here is that the entire wall, table and chairs are made from ice blocks.

7. Cafeteria Clifton

 Cafeteria Clifton

Clifton Cafeteria located in downtown Los Angeles with the dedicated service of the adorable panda.

8. Skybox


Skybox restaurant, also known as dinner in the sky in Belgium, through which diners are arranged a dinner table full of aesthetic taste in the air for more than 50 meters high.

9. King animation, Taiwan

King animation, Taiwan

Restaurants King animation is inspired by the message of environmental protection. Restaurant interior is made entirely from recycled cardboard.

10. Ninja, Newyork

Ninja, Newyork

The restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine. Attraction of the restaurant is that all the staff here will serve Ninja outfit and show off Budo fascinating tricks.