Reasons to Delete Facebook Mobile App from Your Phone

facebook app smartphone

Facebook has become an indispensable part of today’s smartphone, the home of Facebook users who use Facebook. And app on your phone to generate better serve the needs “surfing” of people. But few know that this app is a “catastrophe” in the app on your smartphone.

Clearly, manufacturers have improved their phone hardware very much, but Facebook also strengthen its application to “consume” the performance of the smartphone. ” After you remove this application, I still live happily without it “- a user named Omar Hamwi shared Androidpit page. And he has presented three reasons we should delete Facebook application right away.

1. Wastes Time

How many times have you whipped out your phone & scrolled the news feed only to realize you’ve wasted 20 minutes looking for a reason to Like or comment on a post?!

This happens to me all the time!

We’re wasting time on Facebook’s mobile app that could be spent doing more important things. I certainly didn’t want to be tempted to look at my phone while on vacation with my family. But those damn notifications are difficult to ignore!

2. Application Facebook consuming too many resources on your phone

Facebook is a popular application today, but in fact it consumes too many resources data. When downloading this application on, it only accounts for a few tens of megabytes, but after a few weeks of use, the total size of it occupied gradually up to several hundred megabytes. Also, after we open the app up, it is granted constant background to update new information and your messages, even if it is still out there and “eats” RAM of the device. This makes the machine run more slowly, sometimes causing lag or jerk the machines weak configuration.

Facebook app

3. The performance of smartphones is significantly improved

After deleting the Facebook application, you will not regret. Performance and battery system will be improved significantly. If you have a smartphone with low battery capacity and outdated compared to current, let yourself experience the non-use application, then you’ll feel better. And if you want to not miss anything, you can still use the browser to receive notice that.

Facebook app smartphone

Please ignore the messages kept crying in the pocket is bothering you aside. Instead, step outside and enjoy the beautiful life is a daily occurrence.