Prevention and treatment of dry eye disease

Dry eye

Life as a modern, dry eye condition is becoming more common. The disease can lead to blindness if not treated promptly.

There are many causes of dry eye, such as aging, gender, side effects of some medications, environmental pollution, dry, frequent exposure to television monitors, computer. So dry eyes become a common phenomenon that one can easily make.

The patient always feels like a foreign body in the eye, eye irritation and often seen bulging eye irritation, burning red, spicy hot. Patients see blurred vision after blink, watery eyes, a white discharge that usually at 2 or more bubbles eye corner. Some patients with blurred eyes to constantly blinked hard to clear and eye opening morning, heavy shirt, feeling sleepy …

Dry Eye

You can apply the preventive and treatment of dry eye following:

Episode blink :You blinked slowly and exercise regularly (on average 12-18 times a minute) to spread tears and moisten the surface of the cornea.

Keep distance from the computer screen

You should adjust the PC screen position under the vision and the eye from 16 to 24cm, avoid staring at a computer screen for too long.

Rule 10-10 : This is a simple way to help your eyes relax. You take a break after every 10 minutes of work in front of computer and looking away 10m to relax the eyes.

Eye Protection: Once outside, you should wear glasses to protect the eyes from wind dust and smoke; should not hairdryer or air from air conditioning blowing directly into the eye. If you use contact lenses, please use correctly and frequently small artificial tears to prevent dry eyes.

Enough sleep: Sleep 7-8 hours a day is a way to recover after a day eye study and work hard. If you often stay up late, your eyes will operate much less efficient and easy fatigue, burning hot.

Nutrition: Maintaining balance diet daily supplement of omega-3 (found in fish) and Beta-Carotene (precursor of vitamin A, found in yellow vegetables, red) helps the eye works well rather, enhance antioxidant, helps regulate reasonable tears, avoiding eye diseases and dry eye limit.

Avoid tobacco: Tobacco is one of the factors can cause dry eye condition worse. You should pay attention not smoke or stay away from secondhand smoke.

Use lubricating eye drops has a high

Dry eye

Every day, you make use of lubricating eye drops high. This product has similar properties as tears, help protect the ocular surface, complement and maintain moisture for the eye, tear evaporation limit. Experts advise not to use eye drops that contain preservatives.