President Obama humor Silicon Valley with $ 4 billion budget for self driving car

self driving car

Dream develop self driving car Sillicon Valley’s mass as being added wing when US President Barack Obama agreed to grant $ 4 billion for this project.

Secretary Ministry of Transport Anthony Foxx announced yesterday, 14/1 that the US government is expected to nearly $ 4 billion in aid over the next 10 years to accelerate the studies related to the safety of the vehicle Self-driving in America. “The money will be drawn from the 2017 government budget that the White House will announce in February next.”

self driving car

The government hopes that will use the first 6 months of 2016 to create a nationwide framework for the development of the system and improve safety for self-driving cars. And we are not talking about a self-driving car half still depends on the driver behind the wheel. The US government hopes to develop to the cars’ fully automated, including the case of the driver not paying attention, is widely developed across the country after proving to be highly secure than what they we are “.

By creating a unified safety standards and only for self-driving cars will help the development made many breakthroughs. This comes just months after the CEO of Volvo claims that this group can not develop a car “safe” when the criteria are different for each state.

Of course the big guns like Google or Ford were immersed in this world a long time ago. Mercedes also spoke at the recent CES that it plans to roll out this technology in 2020, the same time as Google.

Jan Dawson, research director of Jackdaw Research said the chauffeur, would feel more comfortable, at least at the beginning, with self-drive car as little as possible. “Criteria for the development of not just stop at the drive safer, but also makes the driver and those around them feel safe there. The gain the confidence of the people will be a long struggle for the company can not go off.