The new findings on skin aging

skin aging

It poured for age, wind and sun, pollution make rapid aging that ignores the fundamental reasons – textured background damaged skin leads to skin aging

Science has discovered, skin actually agents such as age, sun damage, pollution, toxic chemicals, stress, illness … attack and damage from age 20. But right after 30 , the signs of aging such as crow’s feet, wrinkles, dry, dull array, blackened, not copper colored, lifeless … clearly manifested.

Skin aging

skin aging

The structure consists of three layers of skin epidermis, dermis … In particular, the scientists also discovered that the connective tissue in the packaging creates a large and most important layer of skin called the base structure (Extracellular Matrix ). Architectural element includes fibrous proteins (collagen, elastin, laminin, Fibronectin) makes the skin firmer, Proteoglycans (dermatan sulfate, hyaluronan) that keeps hydrating water. The structure is considered as a frame background help stretch light, elastic, moisturizing and nourishing skin appropriately. So the doctor dermatologist also call this “true skin” (true skin).

After age 30, gold axes brain – pituitary – ovary weakening leads to health, sexual life decline, causing damaged skin from within. This factor is a specialized risk of skin aging starts from the root. Besides, the structure of damaged skin background, easy to dry skin, wrinkles, dull, lifeless. When both factors resonance, skin faster degradation.

Therefore protect skin women, not only interested in one-off factors that have affected the root problem. Healthy textured background, skin will always stretch bright, smooth, firm and youthful, while against the harmful effects of UV rays and other dangerous elements attack the skin.

skin aging

Research by Harvard University (USA) have confirmed the essence P. Leucotomos which uses facelifts, wrinkle reduction, prevention of aging by reducing the impact of the destruction of enzyme MMPs textured background. In particular, reduces activity of pigment cells causing burns to 50% thanks to neutralize superoxide anions such substances, hydroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, 8-oxd-guanosine … Scientists even called P.leucotomos is “an oral sunscreen”, keep skin soft and supple, light stretch.

Recently, Manufacturer St. Paul Brands – America also launched Angela Gold with breakthrough formula from nature, additional essences P. Leucotomos to protect architectural element – the most important goal of the skin. This is also the secret of gold to care for beauty of Miss Universe Natalie Glebova. Beauty products were considered as the golden key to open the door for women to keep beauty, health and physiology over the years.