Mysterious river of hot water in the heart of travel Amazon

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Andres Ruzo first time listening to the river with boiling water comes from the story of the grandfather of the Spaniards killed the last Inca emperor. 12 years later, he again heard about this mysterious river when a man she says has been to exotic lands, each touching down to the hot water line.

Mysterious river of hot water in the heart of travel Amazon

However, Ruzo not believe this is real river. Ruzo private, heated rivers exist in the world are related to the volcano, there should be a huge source of heat to be able to create a river of hot water so great.

travel Amazon

He also inquired those peers, governments, the oil companies and mining, but the answers have denied the existence of hot Amazon 2

Rivers exist only as legends of Peru, in the story of the healing geothermal Ashaninka people in Mayantuyacu (Peru).travel Amazon 3

Before the certainty of her, as well as the urge as a graduate student studying at University of Southern Methodist University (USA), Ruzo determined to learn the truth. By 2011, Ruzo was witnessed heated river Mayantuyacu steaming.

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The river is located in Mayantuyacu hot water, deep in the Amazon rainforest center. It 6km depth of about 6 meters, is 25 meters at its widest. The water was hot enough to make tea and some places are still boiling as boiling on the fire. “I will be third-degree burns over half a second if a hand into the water and will lose their lives if unfortunately falls”, Ruzo share on

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The river is formed from cracks of a hot spring. Young scientists explained: “As the blood flows through the veins and arteries of our planet are also hot water flowing through the slot cracking. In these cases come to the surface waters, we with geothermal manifestations such as fumaroles, hot springs, and there is a river.

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However, this river is on the verge of disappearing completely due to severe logging in the forests nearby. Currently, conservation Ruzo headaches are heated river this mystery.