Microsoft leaks new HoloLens details


Microsoft’s augmented reality headset called the HoloLens has already won over a number of fans eager to try the device, but details about how it works have been scarce.

However, a few more bits of information about the HoloLens leaked during a recent event in Tel Aviv, Israel, courtesy of Bruce Harris, a technical evangelist at Microsoft.


While many vendors are investing in virtual reality technology, Microsoft has decided to follow a different approach to the product launch virtual reality glasses HoloLens and immediately created a special attention. However, very little information on this glass is revealed before the technology world.

Recently, technical support engineers of Microsoft Bruce Harris has revealed a few details about HoloLens on stage of an event in the city. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Long wire has become a kind of entanglement for many virtual reality glasses HoloLens not alone. Even there who were concerned about the safety risk when used. That is the main reason to promote Microsoft will soon release a new version can be used independently without wires.

According to Slashgear, Harris uncertainty about the possibility of Microsoft will launch HoloLens entire wireless version. This virtual reality device Microsoft will connect to any other devices through wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Benefit from the elimination of wire connection is quite clear. By not using the cord, the space experience will no longer be restricted and take advantage of the most interactive applications with glass.


The HoloLens is scheduled to begin shipping to developers in the first quarter of 2016.Current version for developers is priced $ 3000 . However hoped version for consumers will be more affordable thanks to the application of advanced materials technology and low cost of mass production.

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