Mercedes GLC hydrogen to be released in 2017

Mercedes GLC

Mercedes GLC crossover hybrid version will be launched this year, but apparently this German carmakers will not just stop there.

The Mercedes GLC replace the GLC will be the first products using the technology of Mercedes fuel-cell hydrogen latest.

Mercedes GLC

According to Professor Thomas Weber – Director of research centers and development of Mercedes, the products will be launched next year.

“We are in the testing phase for the car,” Mr. Weber said about the fuel-cell GLC in an interview at the Detroit Auto Show 2016 exhibition earlier this week.

May appear under the name GLC F-cell, this car can run 400 to 500 km per the hydrogen pump, and its cost is estimated to be around $ 71,000 before tax.

Fuel-cell system of this car will be put under the hood, where the engine usually placed. Binh hydrogen will be placed elsewhere, most likely located in the rear wheel of the vehicle.

Mercedes GLC

Although the company has not released specific information about whether production of the F-cell GLC in bulk or not, but if it is launched in the market including US, this version of the car will only is restricted in some states like California because infrastructure.