Google paid Apple $1 billion to be the search engine on your iPhone

Apple Iphone

The fact that Google is the default search engine on your browser is not a coincidence. It’s a $1 billion deal between Google and Apple.

That was the previously unknown revelation in a Jan. 14 court hearing around a completely unrelated issue: Oracle’s lawsuit against Google for a long-running and very boring copyright dispute about whether Google borrowed Oracle’s Java technology to build Android phones.


This information only when Oracle sued Google leaked out court arguing that Google has illegally used its Java technology in the development of the Android operating system. In documents relating to the case, has information on the agreement between Google and Apple as from 2014 on.

Some sources claim that, after putting up Safari Google Search, Google and Apple among agreed to share revenue from the “click” ads of the user, the share was 34% for Apple. However, information on Mashable did not specify the share profit from Google asking the court to keep secret.

Apple Iphone

Google is the search giant on the Internet, often quite fierce competition with Yahoo! to become the default search in Firefox in particular and elsewhere in general. Such ago 1 year, each surpassed Yahoo to become the Google default search in Firefox after years of being held by Google.