Germany will only billions of dollars to promote the electric car industry

the electric car

Germany, countries that are the most active at the relevant issues to promote electric car vehicles, will invest billions of dollars to promote the development of this industry.

Economic Minister of this country, Sigmar Gabriel said that Germany wants to invest 2 billion euros (about 2.17 billion US dollars) on the project to promote electric car vehicles, according to information from the newspaper Die Zeit of this country.

the electric car

In addition, Mr. Gabriel also wants to invest more public charging stations in Germany, as well as encouraging the use Officials lot more electric car vehicles.

Currently Germany are 2,400 public charging stations in operation, plus 100 fast charging stations nationwide. Mr. Gabriel also stressed that this campaign will be invested in Germany’s current budget without tax increases. The tram expansion was discussed in Germany before, but it does not go to a specific action.

In late 2014, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made plans to increase the level of tax support like other countries in order to promote sales of electric vehicles. That same year, it also adopted allowing electric vehicles are allowed free parking and go into the bus lane. All of this is aimed milestone of 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020.

And to do that, then this sector’s sales have reached much higher gain landmark 20,000 vehicles in 2014. Volkswagen scandal as a stepping stone for this sector when the call for developing electric vehicles become frantic than ever toward the end of last year.

If nothing changes, the German car industry, particularly Volkswagen Group is planning to design more battery model. SUV Audi will launch its first power in 2018, promising to bring the Mission Porsche E, appearing at auto show last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show “on the shelf” in 2020. VW has also grown up a electric vehicles for its super-luxury Phaeton line, as well as introduce a new concept in sample minibus Detroit Auto Show a few days ago.