Facebook’s ‘friend finder’ feature is illegal in Germany

friend finder in Germany

Friend finder, a Facebook feature that scoops up information from your e-mail contact list and then invites people who still aren’t on Facebook to join, has been declared illegal by Germany’s highest court, Reuters reported Thursday.

Germany’s Supreme Court has stated that Facebook’s Friend Finder is a feature illegal and can not be allowed to operate in this country.

Friend finder

Friend Finder is a feature that encourages users Facebook social networking site marketing to their friends in your phonebook. More specifically, Facebook users will be licensed based on the email address of a friend or contact in the phonebook of the user, so the social network can send invitations to users who do not use Facebook to take part breast.

friend finder in Germany

According to the explanation from the Federal Court of Justice of Germany said that the ad features customers caused harassment, this conductive complaint from the Federation of German organizations of things right (VZBV) filed with the court in 2010.

The Federal Court of Justice concluded that this form of marketing is a scam, confirmed the lower court order from (Berlin) launched in 2012 and 2014, which said that Facebook had violated laws protecting Data and unfair competition in Germany, is accurate.

Federal Court also added that, Facebook has not adequately informed the members about how this site uses data of their contacts.

In a statement, Facebook’s spokesman in Germany said they were waiting to receive a formal decision and will make an assessment of the impact on its services in this country. However, Facebook has no plans to take measures to change the way of service operations in Germany.