Explore the Fuel Cell vehicle technology with Toyota


With Mercedes announced it will release a version of GLC using fuel cell technology next year, let’s explore the technology Toyota.

Toyota has introduced the fuel-cell technology with the Mirai in San Francisco exhibition Auto Show in November last year. “Once we extract hydrogen out of things, that would be the source of infinite energy. We do not burn it, so it is completely clean energy, “said Chris Petschler, an expert on the issue at Toyota said.

Fuel Cell Vehicle

“People simply fill the bottle with pure hydrogen. Whenever you step on gas, hydrogen gas will be supplied to fuel cell system, which can be mixed with oxygen from the air naturally. The car is equipped by 2 Mirai hydrogen bottle in the back and a compressor to push oxygen into. The two molecules of hydrogen and oxygen would want along with each other, but we forced them to go through an extremely thin layer of platinum screen only every micrometers. It is this will prevent bonding electrons together. We get energy from it, and on the other end when the hydrogen and oxygen to form H2O swirled, steam is emitted. The amount of absorbed power for motor vehicles will “.

Although the cars make up steam nothing is ominous, but Mr.Petschler said many obstacles still ahead.

Explore the fuel cell technology with Toyota

“The biggest problem is infrastructure. Need retrofitted much more hydrogen pumping station. That is our challenge, “Petschler said.

According to the US Energy Commission, only 14 hydrogen pumping stations were installed in the US, of which 11 ones in California. Toyota is thinking found the settlement. “We’re launching its patents against the car and pump stations. Companies such as First Element in California or in France Air Liquide is helping us in this work. ”



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