Explore the city “worth living” planet

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Zurich, the capital of one of the countries with the highest GDP province- Swiss operator is always easy to find many tourists want once arriving. In 2015, this city was voted one of the 10 most liveable cities world by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Besides the popularity of the band and most of the high life on the planet, you will find in Zurich vibrant nightlife, diverse shops, traditional art and architecture. In summer, the mountains stretching below eye level reflecting a still lake that captivates visitors and day, you do not need to go far after hours visiting the city but just look at any shop coffee is present in the old town to feel the full space characterized Zurich.

Explore the city worth living planet

Slender wander through luxurious shopping street Bahnhofstrasse on through the unique shops, shopping centers, shops selling chocolate before exploring deep into the old town. Winter when the lights flicker and the market price on the lamp born, everything shimmering like in fairytales. Next is but top museums such as the Kunsthaus, Sammlung Stiftung EG Buhrle or Swiss National Museum – National Museum of Switzerland to complete collections showing the history and culture of the country and people of Switzerland.


If you have inspired the TV series as well as the food, do not miss the restaurant Razzia. Located in a movie theater in 1920 and decorated by chandeliers, wall paintings full of aesthetic.

Explore the city worth living planet

In the old town, Kaiser’s Blaube restaurant interiors paneled elegance, sophistication serves traditional Swiss dishes such as sliced veal in a creamy sauce.
For snacks in the afternoon, Café Schober has enough attractive pastries and space where each is the context of a film by Baz Luhrmann directed Australians made.


The preservation and restoration carefully helped Marktgasse Hotel owned buildings from the 13th century and turned into a place of residence inspiring Scandinavian style. In the hotel also has a restaurant with enough Baltho Restaurant traditional cuisine of Switzerland and delish du Cafe for breakfast with cinnamon pie dishes featured.

Explore the city worth living planet

Zurich easily accessible by train on the ground – tram or walk but you can also rent a bike at the train station or use the free bicycle system when a deposit of 20 Swiss francs. These offers bicycle paths will take you along the big lake and release of peaceful countryside.

Explore the city worth living" planet