Exploding Kittens, a tabletop card game about… well, you know, is now available for iOS — with an Android version coming “soon.”

The iOS release costs $1.99, and there’s currently a launch special in effect that makes all in-app purchases free for a limited time. Games Exploding Kittens support up to six players, though no Internet connection is required. All participating devices link up on an ad hoc connection.

Exploding Kittens

The game Exploding Kittens

 would be with selling price of $ 2 khi launch on iTunes this weekend. The iOS version of explosive Kittens được developed by Seattle-based collaboration with the significant of Matthew Inman Oatmeal, who are also work in the fields cult game version

Goals for iOS applications is to “not just recreate its original game, but also to develop and improve it for old and new fans.” Kittens in it, players take turns to draw cards off until one people can pick up cards can explode kitten VA loser.

Exploding Kittens

But if the player has a card mà removed, can be soothed những chúng kitten for belly rubs như những minutes, and bread. Project game Exploding Kittens conceived by the veterans Xbox Elan Lee and Shane Small, next to Inman.

For with one close look at the iOS version, please check the image on the print collection. The phone version of Windows Kittens and the Android explosion still not announced.

Exploding Kittens can be defused with special cards. The rest of the deck is filled out with cards that let players dodge explosions or put competing players in danger. All of the cards feature the trademark art style that The Oatmeal is known for.

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