Exercises does not need to leave home in the morning


No need to go out into the cold winter morning, you can still do the exercises at home by the movements crunches, plank, push …

Exercises  does not need to leave home

Bridge position: Lie on your back, bending the legs, then take a deep breath and abdominal hips pushed back and shoulder body forms a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to normal position and repeat this process three times. This is one of the most effective exercises you can do at home, even in bed.


Posture Leg Lift: Lie on your back with arms at the sides. Keep your legs straight and lift right leg until it forms a 90 degree angle with the hip. Lower the leg after holding it for 30 seconds. Then repeat with the other leg. While improving to exhale and inhale while lowering right.

Exercises home

Side-Leg movements Lifts: Lie on your right and keep your body straight. Raise the head with the arm supported. Slowly lift the left leg up and hold this position for 30 seconds. Then switch sides.


Plank movements very easy to implement. Well coming, against two perpendicular elbow just below the shoulder. Two toes on his toes, lifting his body up and keep your back, hips, neck in a straight line. Hold this position for 30 seconds or more, tighten abdominal muscle and maintain breathing evenly. It is important that you keep time, set challenges for themselves, up to longer ones.


Pushing against the movement very effective in enhancing overall health. Set the knees or toes and your hands on the floor. Extend your arms and keep your back straight, lower your chest return to the first position.

Exercises man

Movements Crunches: Lie straight back to the head, back and buttocks pressed ground, 2 outriggers to create a sense of comfort. Hand parallel to the hull. Hands facing down toward toes land. Hunched up, but not too high so that his back was touching the ground after a deep breath at the same time. Then, lowering people into position and exhale. Episode 10 females in 3 innings.