The coolest ‘Fallout 4’ character comes to life in an amazing cosplay

fallout 4

Fallout 4’s Nick Valentine is a robot with the thoughts and memories of a 20th century cop that talks like the main character of a film noir.

He wears a ratty trenchcoat, knows people with names like “Skinny Malone” and is generally just an awesome pal to have around. Now he’s been brought to vivid life by a 21-year-old cosplayer from Ohio.

Fallout 4 Nick Valentine in game

Fallout 4 took place about 200 years after the end of the current world nuclear war occurred in 2077, about the time the events of Fallout 3. Unlike previous titles, the story of Fallout 4 arrested input on nuclear disaster: 10/23/2077. Your character sought refuge with family in Vault 111 and being awakened in a mystery 200 years later and is the sole survivor of Vault 111.

The whole get-up cost less than $300, though $200 of that went to the replica Institute Rifle he commissioned from Chunk-A-Nuke Props, as Arcanum revealed in an interview with SomeNerdThing. The latex used to recreate Nick’s face — arguably the most important piece of the costume — totaled out to $11.

fallout 4

Arcanum kindly agreed to let us share some of his Nick Valentine photos here, but you can also follow what he’s up to on Facebook and YouTube.

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