Canada’s national parks will be free to all in 2017

Canada’s national parks

Canada wants to be the destination of nature lovers in 2017. Canada’s national parks will waive entry fees at the more than 40 national parks around the country, and they’re throwing in a bonus for people who become Canadian citizens: a bonus free year of admission to the parks.

Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna, who is responsible for monitoring the parks of Canada, confirmed that this is part of a government initiative has been launched Freedom. Accordingly, Parks Canada will be free for all those who use the park in 2017, and starting in 2018, will free 1 year for both adolescents aged under 18 years and the new citizens – regardless Any adult who has become a citizen of Canada within the previous 12 months. People who buy the park pass was missed in 2016 to 2017, will also receive a confirmation message will not expire until 2018, ie there will be valid up to 2 years.

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Most of the funding for an annual budget of about $ 670 million of Parks Canada are known to be from the federal government. Parks Canada has created its own income from various sources, including entrance fees, camping fees – entertainment, hiring, and transferable. According to the 2014 annual report by Parks Canada, the entrance fee was recorded in that year totaled just $ 59 million to about accounting for half of the income not from government funding of this agency

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