BMW winning the 2015 luxury


BMW is enjoying wins in 5 years in high-end cars after achieving admirable numbers: 1,905,234 vehicles.

That also means a growth of 5.2% in its sales and more than enough for this car BMW can continue to relegation at this year topped.

However, the gap to the competition has gradually shrunk. Mercedes sales have skyrocketed in 2015 to finish with figures sold 1,871,511 vehicles, up 13.4% over last year.

BMW Vision Concept at CES 2016

This result shows that Mercedes has overtaken runner status of Audi, despite incurring emissions scandal of parent company Volkswagen, still achieved 3.6% growth hits 1,803,250 vehicles in 2015. Both children some are on record for two German automakers.

BMW was also the best-selling luxury car in the US, the No. 2 belongs to Mercedes and Audi Lexus while finishing in 4th place and 5th in this market.

“In 2015, we launched 15 new and improved models, and the results showed that breakthroughs in new cars favored by customers,” marketing chief Ian Robertson of BMW in developing answers Detroit Auto Show.

“Our sales continue to grow every year despite stormy encounter in some markets.”

The waves that Ian mentioned directly related to the Chinese market, while both BMW and Mini sales of new combined 1.7% increase over last year.

BMW winning the 2015 luxury

Ian also shared that he did not think things will be better for this market this year, and because of that, this car company toward a more flexible supply.

China was and is a potential market for super-luxury cars such as Mercedes firms saw their revenues increase by 32.6% in 2015 to But when markets gradually “mature “be ready for the deceleration.