Apple Watch shipped over 50% of smartwatches in 2015

Apple Watch

Apple still won’t release the sales figures for its Apple Watch, a decision that has some wondering if the wearable device might be the company’s first major misstep.

But if a new report is to be believed, the Apple Watch is not only a success, but it’s doing better than any other smartwatch on the market — at least in terms of market presence.

Apple Watch


Someone once said: “In a not too distant future, SmartWatch can replace both a smartphone”. Apparently the producers knew it and now has appeared a lot of different kinds SmartWatch.

Opening race smart clock is derived from Apple, since Apple Watch SmartWatch is the first in the world to be born. Recently, according to information from ubergizmo Apple Watch for 50% of the total sample SmartWatch sold in 2015.

Apple Watch


According to statistics showed sales of Samsung Gear S2 less than Apple Watch, also explained Apple Watch was launched before the summer was not until autumn Gear S2 see new revenue appear. At CES 2016 last events also appear close to 10 sample SmartWatch from various manufacturers. The majority of watches that use the Android operating system but the report also pointed out that the Android SmartWatch form only 10% of the total SmartWatch sold.

However, the figure of 50% has not been very accurate because in essence this figure only represents the number of SmartWatch shipped to retail stores but not sure that all sold out. Reportedly, Apple is likely to launch the second generation Apple Watch in March this year and could achieve so much more successful.

Without hard sales numbers from Apple, and barebones products like the Fitbit continuing to do well, despite the arrival of the Apple Watch, it appears this latest research is on the mark. Smartwatches continue to be incredibly interesting as a new category, but users are still waiting for that “need to have” use case that will make one of the smartwatches out there an undisputed sales hit.Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.