Apple Opening Europe’s First iOS App Development Center

Apple IOS App

Apple promises to continue to expand into other countries in order to create jobs for programmers.

Apple has announced it will open development center first iOS app in Europe. This center is located in Naples (Italy), together with an intensive training program for those who wish to become the developer of professional mobile applications for the Apple ecosystem.

Apple Ios app

Apple has also been working with other partners in Europe to establish training courses programming iOS applications and create work opportunities for students.

CEO Tim Cook said the App Store has helped create 1.4 million jobs in Europe, and application developers (Apple ecosystem) where has grossed 10.2 billion pounds (11.11 billion dollars). Particularly in Italy, App Store has created 75,000 jobs.

Apple IOS App

“Europe is home to a number of innovative application developers in the world, and we are glad to help them make the most of your skills to be successful,” said Tim Cook shared.

Apple did not give a specific time to open this center, but said they would continue to open similar centers in other countries.

The unprecedented growth of the App Store® has helped developers in Europe earn over €10.2 billion from selling their apps around the world.

In Italy, over 75,000 jobs are attributable to the App Store and the developer community is vibrant. IK Multimedia launched its first app in 2009 and since then has had over 25 million downloads. Musement, launched in 2013, is now available in seven languages and 300 cities across 50 countries, making it easy for people to book travel and excursions on the go.

Roberto Macina, CEO and founder of Qurami, said: “Apple’s continued innovation inspires us to create the best mobile experiences and make our customers’ lives just a little bit easier. Apple’s app ecosystem is the anchor for our business, and developing across Apple’s operating systems has enabled us to easily and quickly bring the Qurami experience to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch users.”

Thousands of companies are expanding because of their work with Apple, which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs in communities large and small across Europe. Milan-based Laboratorio Elettrofisico makes some of the most sophisticated magnetization equipment in the world and their technology enables some of the industry-leading magnetic features found in Apple products. Apple also works with Europe’s leading manufacturers of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, which create tiny components that power some of the incredible sensor and audio technologies found in iOS devices.