Apple denies it’s making a tool to help ease the switch to Android


Apple debunked rumors on Monday that the company was developing a tool to help users switch from iOS to Android.

However, the news published in The Telegraph says that Apple is creating tools to help iOS users easily transfer their data into Android, immediately Apple has flatly denied. Apple converter helps users switch from iOS to Android. That is not true, Apple spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “We are totally focused on transitioning users from Android to iPhone and that’s great,”

Android move to IOS


Move to the iOS app is now available for free download, to help Android users to easily transfer data to the new iPhone purchase. But The Telegraph reported that, under strong pressure from the telecom operators in Europe, Apple has quietly developed a software to help users much easier to transfer data to Android,  denies brief seems to have removed all the rumors above.

Tips for the user’s data stored on the “cloud”. Once stored on the “cloud” is really not difficult to switch between operating systems when the data as contacts, photos, calendar and email can be accessed from any device. However, the preservation of historic message may slightly awkward because Apple wants everyone to use iMessage.

Android to IOS

A few apps in the Google Play store also help ease the transition to Android, like Samsung Smart Switch Mobile, which transfers a range of data, or PhoneSwappr, which only transfers your contacts. Other than a handful of apps for new users, Android offers an online guide on how to back up everything and make your move.

Following The Telegraph report, some publications speculated whether Apple’s move to create an iOS-to-Android tool was the result of threats of legal action, but nothing had been confirmed. In 2013, Apple was under scrutiny for possible antitrust violations, when the European Commission sought out information about the company’s contracts with European wireless operators, but a full investigation was never launched.

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