10 WordPress Admin Themes to Rebrand the Backend


WordPress has become the most popular content management system mainly because of its high customizability. It’s built upon the WordPress Core, the software you can download from WordPress.org, that can be customized and enhanced by means of different plugins and themes.

Themes WP admin is not common because most people think they’re not necessary. However if you are developing a WordPress site for a client, then you can benefit from customized experience. In this article, we’ll show you some of the free WP theme admin best that you can try right away.
Differences between WordPress Themes and Schemes Managing Color Management
Managing WordPress theme is not like the color WordPress admin. Users can enter their profile page and select one of the built-in WordPress admin theme color to use for their admin area. This color does not change the width, height, padding, spacing of the administrator user interface WordPress.

Themes WordPress admin other hand can go ahead and change the width, padding, margin, border of WordPress admin UI. Subject administrator can style and control the appearance of various elements such as buttons, menus, links, and even the typography of your WordPress admin area.
Now that we’ve covered the differences, lets have a look at some ready-to-use and free WordPress theme admin.
Note: all admin theme here is really plugins. You will need to install them just like you would install any WordPress plugin.

1. WordPress Material Admin Theme

If you are a fan of Google’s new Material Design, the Material Admin Theme is an excellent choice for you. It looks modern and fresh, and provides a better colour contrast than the original WordPress dashboard, so it offers greater accessiblity and a more friendly user experience.

WordPress Material Admin Theme
WordPress Material Admin Theme

2. Fancy Admin UI

The Fancy Admin theme simplifies the user interface of the WordPress dashboard by making it cleaner and easier on the eye. It doesn’t only changes the design of the admin panel but also the Admin Bar on the top. Its default colours are blue and grey, but you can customize the colour scheme at the bottom of the Settings > General admin page.

Fancy Admin UI

3. Slate Admin Theme

The main goal of the Slate Admin Theme is to improve the content writing experience on a WordPress site, so if you run a multi-author blog, it can be a great idea to give this beautiful admin theme a try. It also makes the Admin Bar simpler, and visibly separates it from the vertical admin menu on the left-hand side.

Slate Admin Theme

4. Tamed Admin Theme

The Tamed Admin Theme intends to tame the WordPress backend by decreasing the number of visual clutters, raising the contrast, and using a calm and clean colour scheme. This way the theme provides a less chaotic and stressful user interface. As Tamed is responsive, it can also be used on mobile.

Tamed Admin Theme

5. SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme

The SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme completely removes the Admin Bar from the top of the dashboard, and moves the Profile-related “Howdy” menu to the left-hand side. This solution is smart, because if you click on the little house icon left to the profile picture, you can jump to the front-end at once where the Admin Bar appears again.

SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme

6. Reimagined Admin Theme

If you like bright colours and extravagant design, you’ll love the Reimagined Admin Theme. It has its own custom options under the Appearance > Reimagined menu where you can set the icons and the background of the admin area, change the logo and the background of the login page.

Reimagined Admin Theme

7. Blue Admin

The Blue Admin dashboard theme uses a lovely white and blue colour scheme, and a nice drop-down effect in the Admin Bar. It also allows you to add custom navigation menus to the Admin Bar. Blue Admin smartly makes use of flat design, and offers a more clear, relaxed, and intuitive admin interface.

Blue Admin

8. OT Admin Theme

The OT Admin Theme allows you to change the colours of the WordPress dashboard on your own. It adds a new menu item to your dashboard where you can customize the colour of the admin interface, the admin menu text in default and active states, and the background colour of the active menu item.

OT Admin Theme

9. Live Admin Customizer

Live Admin Customizer is a powerful tool that enables you to create a fully customized admin panel. You can create your own admin themes with the help of this handy plugin, and you can save and edit them without writing a single line of code.

Live Admin Customizer

10. Fix Admin Contrast

The Fix Admin Contrast plugin doesn’t change too much about the admin area, it “only” improves the visibility of form fields (input fields, checkboxes, text areas) and tables by properly raising the contrast where it’s necessary. You can take a look at the difference on the two screenshots below, the first one was taken with the plugin activated, and the second one without it.

Fix Admin Contrast